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Updated on 19Apr2022

1 Introduction

RStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R, a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. ReCaS-Bari provides RStudio Server that runs on a remote server and allows accessing RStudio using any web browser.

The following figure shows the provided IDE you can access using your web browser.


In the bottom right section you are able to browse graphically your HOME directory located in the ReCaS-Bari GPFS file system.

2 Service Request

Rstudio on HPC/GPU cluster is available only for those users with a ReCaS-Bari HPC/HTC account active. Users without such an account MUST register using this link (check the box "Account for access to ReCas-Bari compute services (HTC/HPC)").

You can check if the registration is successfully completed by access to the server via ssh:

ssh <username>

After that, you can request your personal RStudio instance using this link.

Please provide the following information:

Title: “ReCaS HPC/GPU: RStudio instance request”
- Name and Surname
- Username
- Email
- number of required CPU
- number of required GPU
- amount of RAM
- other info, if you believe could be useful

After that you will receive an email to the same address containing your URL to use to access the remote Rstudio Server.

The following image shows you the RStudio login web page. Use your ReCaS username and password to access.


3 Important information

  • Your instance of RStudio is executed inside a container and ONLY the files stored in your HOME directory in the ReCaS-Bari GPFS file system will be preserved if faults occur, namely /lustrehome. Any local file content or module installation is lost if the container is stopped or crashes. So, use the GPFS file system for all your important files.

  • Containers could crash at any time also during the execution of the code, partial results CAN NOT be restored and will be lost. To manage this situation, consider storing in your HOME directory in GPFS all partial results.

  • Also consider that you do not have infinite space in the GPFS file system. Use it wisely.

4 User Support

If you need support for your application, please use this link to create a ticket with title “ReCaS HPC/GPU: RStudio support” and then describe your issue.


It is STRONGLY advised to subscribe to the recas-hpu-gpu mailing list. Create a ticket with the title “ReCaS HPC/GPU: subscribe to the mailing list”.